A 200hr Foundational Yoga Course vs. A 500hr Advanced Yoga Course

A 200hr Foundational Yoga Course vs. A 500hr Advanced Yoga Course

When choosing to study Yoga, and looking for the right program, many Yoga students ask what is the difference between a 200hr & 500hr course?

Wise Living Yoga Academy offers both a foundational course with 200 contact hours and an advanced course of 300 contact hours which is taken once the foundational course is complete. The whole 500hr course, which is given only a few times a year, is the 200hr foundational course with an additional 300 hrs of study following. The advanced course is immersive and the benefits of advanced study are huge.


A 200hr course is a one month program, while our 500hr teacher training course is a 2 month program. Both prepare and certify you to become a Yoga instructor, however, we at Wise Living Yoga Academy like to say that the certificate is a byproduct of the course, what matters is the personal transformation one gets from living the Yogic lifestyle. It is scientifically proven that it takes 40 days to gain a new healthy habit. When you commit to staying in our ashram- like setting for 2 months, you will gain new habits, and solidify these habits into a healthy lifestyle.



With a foundational course in Yoga, you will begin to open up to the idea that Yoga can be a psychology, a philosophy, and a way to live life so that all of your actions lead to the health and wellness of an entire community. Yoga is for self realization, but it is bigger than the self. A foundational course in Yoga is perfect for beginning to realize the depths of Yoga.


Once you get an idea of the truth of Yoga and all of the remarkable benefits, including health of the physical body, strength of the mind, and an uplifting of the spirit, you are prepared for deeper studies in philosophy.


In an advanced course at WLYA students go through a deeper cleansing process called Shatkarmas which clear away stagnant energy from the system, and detox the mind and body from impurities that cause us to be foggy and have low energy.


Students also learn advanced techniques in Ayurveda which is a sister science to Yoga.


Most prominently, students learn in depth study of Yoga teachings from the ancient texts on Yoga, offered by teachers who have been highly trained in Traditional Yoga. These ancient teachings, help us to live our best lives now.

The modern world has many benefits. These include medical technologies, transportation and various forms of communication that allow knowledge to be more readily accessible. With all sorts of knowledge at our fingertips, it is important to know where the knowledge is coming from and if it is authentic.


A 500hr Yoga teacher training with Wise Living Yoga Academy, guarantees that the knowledge is coming from an authentic source. You can read our teacher profiles here www.wiselivingyoga.com


When learning from an authentic teacher, trained in a traditional way, the integrity of the teachings remain intact. Remember that all of these teachings have the purpose of self development and ultimately self realization. When we peel back the layers of our external realities, the identities we claim, and the many roles we play, we are all left with a deeper realization. A deeper truth, which Yoga & Vedanta philosophy set out to uncover this deeper truth, so that we may understand our truth, and live with more authenticity.


With all paths, there is a beginning. The 200hr foundational course in Yoga, is that beginning. Once you place one foot on the path, the only way is forward. Advancing your knowledge, technique, and confidence can be achieved with our advanced courses at Wise Living Yoga Academy.

Check out our upcoming dates for our 500hr advanced course and feel the difference a Yoga lifestyle can make.

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