Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga is the Yoga of Action, or the practice of selfless service. It teaches how to give our best and work with mindfulness and joy. In the Karma Yoga Program at WLYA, you will have a unique opportunity to live and work in an ashram. You will work closely with the teachers, ashram staff, and 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training students, and help promote a sense of community. It is a wonderful way of self-discovery and adventure!

Through this experience you can reinforce the yogic lifestyle and philosophies you have studied, which is why it is only offered to former WLYA students*.

Selfless service means you should not expect anything in return for your work.  You will, however, benefit in many ways if you decide to come for Karma Yoga.




·         Deepen your practice and understanding of yoga
·         Get to know a new group of people from all over
·         Participate in morning meditation and asana sessions
·         Strengthen your teaching and leadership skills
·         Gain a better sense of service and commitment
·         Have delicious meals and fresh tea daily
·         Explore your interests and apply them to benefit to whole community




As with the yoga teacher training program, everyone will have a different experience doing karma yoga accordingly to the needs of the ashram and your abilities. Be prepared to work hard, but important thing is that you are ready to serve others joyously.


Some of the most common activities of Karma Yoga:


·         Orienting and guiding new students, coordinating with Jeenal and Daniel
·         Teaching support
·         Social media updates
·         Making Vvdeos and photographs
·         Gardening
·         Light housekeeping work, sometimes helping in the kitchen
·         Administrative tasks
·         Creative projects tailored to your strengths and interests


Practical information


· Duration: 1 month— the Karma Yoga Program will run in conjunction with the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program (one Sadhaka/student per program)


· Accommodation: You will be provided with the same accommodation as the students.  In the case the course is full, you will be in a homestay just in front of the center.


· Cost: We will offer this Program for free to one student per month. If more than 1 student is interested, then you can join by paying USD 200/week. Please write to us for availability and other details.


If you wish to join us and contribute in a meaningful way, please complete the Karma Yoga Application Form.


We will review each application individually and acceptance depends on overall availability in the Ashram.

Thoughts on Karma Yoga


Selfless service represents an unlimited source of spiritual growth, joy and happiness; never neglecting the circles of duty starting with the duty towards ourselves. Selfless service means not only sharing material goods such as food, clothes, shelter or money with people in need, but sharing love, compassion, knowledge and experiences with everybody who is open to it. All knowledge is already present inside of us and our mind is an infinite mine of information if we are able to connect to it. The process of sharing and caring leads to liberation of the spirit, supports purification of the mind, helps burning the Klesha (structural defects of the human mind) and provides self- evolution.


We have to be aware that every action taken results in consequences for which we have to take responsibility, as all our actions fall back on us throughout life. Moreover, with the actions we perform we have the huge power to determine who we are since they influence and imprint our character. All actions performed with the right attitude, cleverness and as a science bring out the power of the mind, which is already there within us, supporting the awakening of our spirit. Let-go and trust in your actions cause nature will give you everything you need exactly when you need it the most. The yogi knows that everything that happens happens for a good reason and for your own good.


*What if you are very interested in doing Karma Yoga here but have not been here yet?  No problem, you can register here for any of our upcoming Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Thailand. You will learn about the Ashram’s philosophies and once you are ready, you can come to do Karma Yoga.