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Come for one week or 2

First week join our Nature Cure Retreat which allows you space for self reflection, and a detox for your mind and body. Gentle self study assignments and nourishing meals allow you to prepare yourself for the following week of Ayurveda Studies.

The first week will be no contact hours, rather a time for personal reflection and self care in our beautiful garden sanctuary. The second week we will begin daily philosophy classes, cooking classes, and practices for learning the foundations of Ayurveda.

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Jeenal Mehta Founder of Wise Living Yoga Academy, Yoga therapist and author of the book “Spices & Love” invites you to the Ashram to discover your Ayurvedic body type, learn to eat right without dieting & exercise without strain.


The Notions of Ayurveda

1)     Understanding true nature of your mind and body

  •        Emotional effects on digestion and body;
  •         Eating intelligence technique.

2)     Discovering your Ayurvedic body type – Your body is a miracle of biological engineering.

  •        The three Doshas and their qualities,
  •        Ayurveda Body-type  Questionnaire

3)     Mastering the key to weight loss

  •        Balancing your system
  •        Homeostasis
  •        Daily routine & Master cycle of the 3 Doshas
  •        Creating a successful daily routine

4)     Power of Digestion

  •        Ama
  •        Ojas
  •        Body Intelligence tips

5)     Eating right without dieting

  •        Kapha reducing foods
  •        Practical techniques for restoring balance
  •        Eating to transform yourself
  •        Herbal supplements

6)     Overcoming food cravings and binges

  •        The importance 6 Tastes
  •        The keys to satisfaction in eating
  •        Breathing awareness meditation
  •        Controlling emotionally based eating

7)     Exercise without strain

  •        Creating a fat-burning physiology
  •        Exercise and Ayurveda
  •        Dosha-specific exercises

8)     How the body acquires, uses and stores energy

  •        Consciousness and Awareness
  •        Concept of Nutrition according to Ayurveda
  •        Ways to increase and balance the Prana

9)     Ayurvedic vegetarian cooking and recipes

  •        Ayurvedic spices and their effects
  •        Making a balanced meal
  •        Khichdi
  •        Dal, vegetables, natural teas etc

Daily Schedule:

Monday to Friday

05:30 – Wake up time
06:30 – Guided Meditation (*)
07:00 – Practice (Asanas/ Pranayamas)
08:30 – Breakfast
09:00 – Bath/ Laundry/ Rest
10:15 – Lecture (Ayurveda Theory)
11:30 – Ayurvedic Practical
12:30 – Ayurvedic Lunch
13:30 – Rest
14:00 – Lecture 2 (Ayurveda Theory)
15:00 – Tea Break
15:30 – Food & Health Documentaries/ Theory / Practical
16:30 – Karma Yoga/ Self Study/ Assignments
18:15 – Meditation/ Shanti Mantras
18:30 – Dinner
21:30 – Lights Off/ Good Night


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