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Ayurveda Retreat in Thailand

The Ayurveda course is an eye-opening course.
In this course Jeenal will help you reconnect to your eating intelligence, help you heal your digestion and understand your body type, your mind and the diet associated to your body type.

Jeenal Mehta Founder of Wise Living Yoga Academy, Yoga therapist and author of the book “Spices & Love” invites you to the Ashram to discover your Ayurvedic body type, learn to eat right without dieting & exercise without strain.

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10 Days Yoga Detox Retreat

10 days of Yoga Cleansing Techniques

Do you ever meet people who seem to be glowing? Have you ever met someone who feels vibrant, clear, and conscious in how they walk through life? Have you met these people and thought…

I would like to have that kind of inner peace and confidence?


What is a Yogic Detox? How Shatkarmas can help improve your health.

Shatkarmas are purification techniques used by Yogis to detox the mind and body. These techniques can help to rid the body of toxins, and balance your natural energy so that you have glowing skin, improved digestion, and a peaceful state of mind.

We teach these Traditional Yoga principles, and guide students through Shatkarmas in our advanced courses after the student has completed the 200 hour program.


In our 500hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training courses, you begin with a foundation immersion. Students spend one month in community, living a Yogic lifestyle, including daily meditation, movement, breathwork and simple cleansing techniques, all guided by world class teachers trained in Traditional Yoga.


After your one month immersion, you are ready to experience a Yogic detox, also known as Shatkarmas. Shatkarmas are a set of purification techniques, that when practiced with the guidance of our trained Yoga therapists, can bring clarity of the mind and purification of the body.


When the mind and body are in a state of balance, higher states of consciousness can be accessed more readily.

The 3 Shatkarmas for advanced teacher training are:

  • Sutra Neti
  • Laghu or Shankha Prakshalana (Colon detox followed by fasting)
  • Vaman Dhauti


Sutra Neti is a cleansing technique for the nasal cavity. It is a great practice to release certain deep-seated emotions such as fear, low-self confidence etc.

This practice is beneficial for allergies as it desensitizes the tissues behind the nose and can also benefit certain types of asthma. It has also been known to help with migraines. You will be guided every step of the way by your trained Yoga Therapist, and Shatkarma expert, Stefano Notarbartolo.


Laghu or Shankha Prakshalana is a Yogic colon cleanse. Students will be guided on how to prepare physically and mentally. The practice requires a great deal of focused concentration. Stefano Notabartolo is an expert in Colon cleansing and will guide you for a proper scientific colon cleanse. It will be followed by fasting for a few days under personal supervision and care.


Your gut health affects your whole system and digestion. This practice can boost your immune system, balance metabolism, remove toxins and bring mental clarity. This will help in the release of deep-seated subconscious emotions. Initially, the practice can be tiring, so proper rest and silence is required. After a few days of this practice and fasting, the person will feel renewed and recharged with new energy and good health. In order to do this practice one must be physically fit.


Vaman Dhauti is an intestinal cleanse which restarts our digestion, and purifies our insides for more health and vitality.

We, as humans, consume food daily. Often times, food particles get stuck in the lining of our intestines causing irritation, inflammation, and a build up of toxins which affect our overall health.

Students report feeling lighter, happier, and more balanced after practicing Vaman Dhauti.


The Yoga Institute Thailand offers a safe sanctuary to experience a Yogic lifestyle. Self development through Yoga is an extremely rewarding experience. When you feel healthy, vibrant and clear, you are more readily available for your community to share the gifts of Yoga with those around you.

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Daily Schedule:

Monday to Friday

05:30 – Wake up time
06:30 – Guided Meditation (*)
07:00 – Practice (Asanas/ Pranayamas)
08:30 – Breakfast
09:00 – Bath/ Laundry/ Rest
10:15 – Lecture (Ayurveda Theory)
11:30 – Ayurvedic Practical
12:30 – Ayurvedic Lunch
13:30 – Rest
14:00 – Lecture 2 (Ayurveda Theory)
15:00 – Tea Break
15:30 – Food & Health Documentaries/ Theory / Practical
16:30 – Karma Yoga/ Self Study/ Assignments
18:15 – Meditation/ Shanti Mantras
18:30 – Dinner
21:30 – Lights Off/ Good Night


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